Modular construction

We plan and deliver operating rooms, laboratories and entire clinic buildings on a turnkey basis.

We plan and deliver operating rooms, laboratories and clinic buildings in record time and guarantee

  • swift operationality in case of conversions and extensions during ongoing operations
  • an almost ready-to-go delivery and interface reduction at the same time
  • high quality at fixed dates and prices

Modular buildings in the medical or laboratory sector are planned according to requirements and can be used after short assembly time due to their high degree of prefabrication.

The objects are individually conceived and designed both inside and outside. The modular design enables grid-free architecture with spatial flexibility.

Profitability, industrial precision, highest quality and technical standards: During the significantly shortened and weatherindependent construction phase and total project time of your building in modular construction, disruptions of the ongoing operation hardly occur.

Uncomplicated expansion options and adaptations to technical development cycles are visualized in the initial design with a glance into the future and can be implemented at any time.

Affordable, energy-efficient and sustainable. The high standard of workmanship and transportability make it possible to recycle and reuse the modules at other locations as well.

Sustainable energy concept, low life-cycle costs, low-energy or passive house: For large areas, modular construction is significantly less expensive than conventional construction.

Institute for CT MRI, Gänserndorf